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EVIMETAL Inox Building Solutions  

Istanbul,  SC 
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Evimetal Inoks Yapı Solutions has been the leader of the sector since 1967 with the international award-winning design team.

With the name of Stainless Steel Construction products, more than 3000 products and exports to more than 40 countries.

Evi has been producing decorative and tecnical profiles, shower channels, drains, radiators, towel radiators and garden furniture.


Evimetal WallLine Series Installation Video
Evimetal Proline Shower Channel/Drain Installation Video

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  • Solutions for Shower : 

    Evimetal presenting unlimited designs in bathrooms is now creating slim shower channel trend by SlimLine. Patented structure maintains easy installation and secure usage. Functionality with fineness and style is now in bathrooms with SlimLine.

    Perfect visual finish with only 24 mm width SlimLine channels. Thanks to it’s thin structure creating charm.

    Solid metal body integrated with Evimetal sealing is designed for hard conditions and high flow rates.

    Channels and drain bodies manufactured in 60 and 100 cm can be cut into specific dimensions you desire. By this tailor made feature, channels can be easily used in projects even if there are different dimensions.

  • Solutions for Showers : 

    WallLine is the first patented wall drain for shower with cut able to specific dimensions’ feature, won Good Design Award in Construction Materials category 2017 Design Turkey Industrial Design Awards. WallLine also won the IF Design Award, one of Germany's most prestigious design awards, in the international arena. Style in bathroom, wall to wall seamless look and functionality comes with WallLine wall drain for showers.

    More showering space :

    By creating and alternative for floor installed drains, the benefit you will have is more space for showering as drain is installed on the wall. Having a shower was not that much joy before.

    Built-in drain body : 

    Built-in body and adjustment flange brings durability and easy installation. It is compatible with covering materials up to 30 mm thickness.

    Easy Cleaning

    By the removable cover, leftover dirt particles in the body can easily be cleaned. Structure itself helps to ease installation to give the incline needed.

    Seamless perfect look :

    Patented adjustment piece makes floor and wall covering material join almost seamlessly. The end piece attached to cover ends helps to have a perfect finish and a clean installation.

    Cutable cover and frame 60 & 100 cm :

    Cover and frame is cutable in the desired dimensions between 30 to 130 cm gives flexibilty to have tailor made dimensions for your projects. WallLine cover is manufactured in Satin color, on your project based requests other color alternatives could be manufactured. Please see page 30 for other color alternatives.

  • Zero-surface shower solutions : 

    Evimetal shower solutions for floor-drain systems are not only elegant and pure in design but also functional in use. Solid bodies with steel tanks that are compatible with 9 different cover plates and 7 different colour alternatives offer you more than 100 options for shower channels

    Designed for maximum hygiene :

    Zero-surface shower channels include spiral hair&dirt traps that are easily removed and cleaned for reuse. Highly satisfying the expectations of hygiene-oriented users.

    Perfect match for new constructions and renovation projects : 

    Evimetal shower drains with highly qualified features satisfy variety of needs. With its different dimension, colour and trap options; Evimetal offers more than what’s expected for new constructions, renovation projects and even with limited spaces. You may also choose among many cover plate alternatives compatible with your own tiles and create harmony in your.

  • Various dimensions with cutable shower channels :

    TrendLine zero-surface shower channel is designedto be cutable. This tailor made feature can help to have various dimensions in your projects.Evimetal designs easy installed, hygienic and also economic products for shower areas by patented solutions. Like all the other Evimetal shower channels, TrendLine can also be located both in front of wall or center. Cutable feature makes installations easier by generating tailor made dimensions.

    Inclined 3 mm solid shower channel :

    TrendLine shower channelis self inclined so water can flow to trap. By TrendLine there can be no unreachable areas for water


  • Bathroom,Balcony and Terrace Shower Channels
    - 4301 Quality 1st Stainless Steel Shower Channels ( From 30 cm up to 600 cm )<br />- 3 Different Surface Option ( Inox , Super Mirror and Mirror )<br />- Optional special surface coatings<br />- Odourless S type Siphon 360 Degress Rotating...

  • Evimetal WallLine series, offering unlimited designs at bathrooms starts a new trend in showers with drain from the wall. Apart from
    minimal lines at design, WallLine presents easy assembly, easy beveling and secure usage opportunity with its patented structure.
    WallLine series are manufactured in 3 different surfaces and cover can be easily removed so that cleaning can be done. WallLine
    series has high discharge capacity with S structure and 50 mm standart norms siphon type .

    Slot Shower Drain : Evimetal SlimLine series offering unlimited designs at bathroom, bring a new glance for shower channel. Slimline series is not
    only excellence in product design, but also bringing the lead with features. Apart from thin lines at design, SlimLine presents easy assembly and
    secure usage opportunity with its patented structure. SlimLine series is manufactured in 2 different covers and 3 different surfaces. Cover can be
    easily removed for easy cleaning function. SlimLine series hash igh discharge capacity with S structure and 50 mm standart nomr s siphon type .

    Highline Series Shower Channels : Suitable for mid shower and front wall usage . Cover is avaible for use in reverse. 

  • Bathroom and Balcony Floor Drain
    - Internal odor preventing , stainless grid insulated shower and balcnoy drains <br />- 9 different surface options<br />- 10*10 , 15*15 cm , Round and Corner Cover Models and Dimensions<br />...

  • Compact and Funtional Design

    Evimetal classic floor drains, with its smaller
    body structure and compact design, is a perfect
    fit especially for low application project needs.
    In classic floor drains various dimension options,
    cover structure and high flow rate will provide
    you optimum solution.

  • Technical Finish and Decorative Border Profiles
    - Outer and Inner Edge Protection Profiles , <br />- Border Profiles With Swarovski Element<br />- 9 different surface options<br />- 0.6 and 0.8 mm thickness options...

  • Evimetal technical profiles

    Evimetal technical profiles offer many solutions in using ceramic and other coating options. Their
    functionalities and special designs lead to ideal combinations in showering areas. Evimetal Profiles are
    said to be the masterstroke for new constructions and renovation projects with its wide product range,
    different colour options and compatible sizes of different widths. 

    Perfect Finishes :

    It is now very easy to furnish ceramic and
    other coating materials with Evimetal profiles
    that are easy to install. Perfect finishes are
    guaranteed. You can easily use Evimetal
    Profiles and have a nice looking showering
    area while increasing durability of your furnishings.

  • Towelrail and Radiators
    - Stainless Steel Radiators and Towelrails <br />- 3 different surface options<br />- Electrical and Central Installation...

  • Towelrail and Radiators

    - Stainless Steel Radiators and Towelrails 
    - 3 different surface options
    - Electrical and Central Installation

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