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Wellborn Cabinet Inc

Ashland,  AL 
United States
  • Booth: N2463

Handcrafted cabinetry for your whole home since 1961!

  • Framed & Frameless Cabinetry
  • Kitchen & Bath Cabinetry
  • Bathroom Vanities & ACC
  • Closet Storage Organizational Systems
  • Family Room Cabinetry - Entertainment, Media and Beverage centers
  • Wall Beds
  • Home Offices, Mudrooms, Laundry Rooms and Pantry Cabinets
  • CPU Cabinets, Bookcases, Wainscott, Display Cabinets and more

We offer you the freedom to dream and create affordable style thats as individual as you are!


  • Ninka Qanto Lift
    The Qanto lift delivers on innovation due to its ergonomic design. The Qanto lift delivers on style because it continues the trend of smart technology in the kitchen. This motorized lifting system carries out the sleek, modern style of the kitchen. The crystal-glass effect of the tray trim defines the sleek design. The Qanto lift delivers on function because it provides progressive storage solutions for the modern home. The Qanto can store anything like appliances so they can be hidden when they aren’t in use or drinks to keep them safely stored and out of the work space....

  • Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. has partnered with Richelieu to introduce at KBIS 2019, smart technology for interior cabinetry offering an extensive electrical fitting selection and full electrical design service. The Ninka Qanto solves the inaccessible space in the corners of kitchens by providing a vertically rising tray for maximum space usage. This innovative solution optimizes the use of the storage space in every kitchen corner, and the harmonic design is flawless for modern living environments. The tray moves up and down at the push of a button providing easy, ergonomic access to the stored items on the level of the countertop. 
  • GOLA Hardware
    Gola profiles can be used with LED strip lights to add a stunning effect to cabinetry. The perfect mix of functionality and aesthetics. The innovative ready lighting allows for greater versatility and creates an intimate and comfortable ambiance. Modern in design, Gola gives a sleek style to cabinetry without exposed handles while the grip allows for easy opening of a drawer or cabinet door. Without a need for hardware, Gola profiles make the kitchen safer and easier to clean....

  • Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. has partnered with Richelieu to introduce at KBIS 2019, a sleek modern look, integrated into the cabinetry is the new Richelieu Gola recessed profiles which eliminate the need for exterior cabinet hardware. Strips of LED lighting are installed into the recessed profiles to emphasize the linear, minimalist effect. 
  • Motion-Activated Wastebasket Pullout
    Conquering the kitchen, hands-free is becoming the new normal. After cutting raw chicken for dinner, the last thing you want to do is put your grimy hands on anything. This helps keep germs from spreading around the kitchen every time you wave your foot under the wastebasket. It’s also a convenience that makes throwing items away as simple as placing your foot under the wastebasket. Concealing waste bins is crucial to keeping your dream kitchen alive. By integrating waste bins into the cabinetry, it brings great contemporary functionality to a very traditional kitchen item. Managing the waste and recycling is done with ease by the two bin compartments and two compost bins while hiding from the rest of the kitchen. The large bins eliminate the need to empty them out as well as bins with lids to help control odors. A state-of-the-art sensor provides reliable touchless operation, so you can access the waste bins with ease. Trash is made simple and effortless....

  • Hands full? No problem. Wellborn’s motion-activated wastebasket pullout provides hands-free access. With just the movement of your foot, this trend-forward innovative mechanism provides a practical solution to a necessary task while simplifying cleanup in the kitchen. The motion-activated touch-free technology allows for quicker, cleaner access to trash. This means no germs and less mess with minimal effort, simplifying and elevating your trash experience all at once. 
  • Pantry Pullout System
    The polished design of the Dispensa gives any kitchen a boost into the contemporary direction. The chrome railing surrounding each shelf gives a common storage space an upscale modern appearance. The pocket doors provide a hideaway for appliances, kitchenware, and food storage. This pantry system slides out completely with height adjustable shelves can accommodate containers of all sizes. By opening the door, the contents come into light, enabling a 360-degree view with full access from all sides. This is the ideal solution for keeping contents organized and easily accessible. The retracting pocket doors give the kitchen the space that it needs....

  • Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. has partnered with Richelieu to introduce at KBIS 2019, smart solutions for interior cabinetry offering an extensive cabinetry solutions selection. The Dispensa pantry pullout system allows for complete usage of storage space. This complete pull-out sliding basket system allows you to easily reach any product you store. The Dispensa is concealed behind two pocket doors. When the doors are closed, you can easily transform the kitchen into a space that is perfect for entertaining. And when the doors are open, they neatly tuck into the side of the cabinet which keeps the open doors out of kitchen space. 
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