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Indianapolis,  IN 
United States
  • Booth: N2332

Brizo is a luxury fittings brand for those who understand that fashion isn’t only about the clothes they wear – it’s a lifestyle. The Brizo product team designs and crafts distinctive kitchen and bath suites that artfully blend form and function, transforming minds, moods and spaces. Brizo products are available exclusively through fine kitchen and bath showrooms. For more information or to locate a showroom, visit


  • Brizo® Vettis™ Concrete Single-Handle Faucet
    Innovation: Embracing an existing material in a truly innovative way, the Brizo® Vettis™ Concrete Single-Handle Faucet is made from highly engineered, ultra-high performance concrete, reinforced with fiber to make it exceptionally durable. The concrete formulation is infused with pure charcoal, showcasing natural variations in hue. Each faucet features its own color, texture and style—slightly evolving over time, and each as stunning as it is unique. Sculptor Christopher Shannon labors over each faucet to uphold exacting standards, executing this pioneering methodology, developed and tested by the brand over four years. <br /><br />Form/Style: The faucet boasts an exquisite geometric form that comes together with the finest raw materials in architectonic harmony. Embedded fibers fortify the sculpted faucet, while the concrete material provides fluidity and strength, which helps to establish the faucet’s stunning angles. After resting in a mold, each faucet cures for 30 days, developing a rich complexity as its patina evolves for a truly category-defying end product. <br /><br />Function: The height of luxury, the Vettis Concrete faucet flows at a rate of 1.2 gallons per minute, making efficient use of water and incorporating handcrafted, natural elements to provide a heightened level of design. The faucet is made from ultra-high performance concrete, making it exceptionally durable, while a penetrating sealant protects the longevity of the concrete material....

  • The limited edition Vettis™ Concrete Single-Handle Faucet is an unprecedented masterpiece, innovative in both design and material. An extension of the Vettis™ Bath Collection by Brizo, the faucet is inspired by the strength of nature, reinterpreting the aesthetic of a waterfall using natural elements and presenting the distinctive sound of water in a laminar flow, grounded in the beauty of concrete.

    To achieve this first-of-its-kind feat of design, engineering and craftsmanship, the Brizo team worked with expert sculptor Christopher Shannon, who meticulously handcrafts each faucet in his small British Columbia studio, executing this pioneering use of concrete with a sophisticated methodology.

    The faucet blends the finest quality of raw materials and an exquisite geometric form to create architectonic harmony, while the sui generis nature of hand-poured concrete gives each faucet a distinct texture, color and style.

    The Brizo brand has created an exclusive opportunity for consumers to experience this elevated level of luxury in their own home with a limited offering of 500 Vettis Concrete faucets, available by reservation only on the Brizo website.

  • Brizo® Invari™ Bath Collection
    Innovation: Innovative in its details, the Invari Bath Collection includes a new height-adjustable shower arm, adding a layer of utility for a seamless shower experience. Additionally, the collection facilitates an expansion of the brand’s finish offerings, introducing Polished Gold, which brings timeless sophistication to any bath space. <br /><br />Form/Style: The Invari Bath Collection represents an evolution of style over time, reinventing traditional design and incorporating a cleaner, chiseled and more refined aesthetic. The suite blends Edwardian and Machine Age design influences, featuring angular, chamfered edges and six-sided faceting for a deliberate and polished look. The brand’s new take on traditional design is embodied through three distinct spout shapes, including High Arc, Low Arc and Column options, providing design versatility throughout the new suite. Varied handle selections, including Lever, Cross and Black Crystal Knob, elevate design choices across the style continuum.<br /><br />Function: The Invari Bath Collection incorporates not only design innovation, but also new features for an elevated level of functionality. The suite offers fitted joints with linchpins for enhanced precision, and a hexagonal base, manufactured to ensure the faucet is perfectly aligned after installation. Additionally, a detached handle format for the Single-Handle Wall Mount faucet allows for a unique, vertical application of form and function.<br />...

  • The Invari™ Bath Collection by Brizo® celebrates a modern revival of classic forms, with a silhouette that presents a streamlined interpretation of stately elegance. Intricate craftsmanship is on display in every graceful nuance, from the faceted base to the exquisite linchpin joints. Each subtly expresses a liberated traditional ethos—neither beholden to the past, nor forgetful of its heritage.

    The collection also introduces the new Polished Gold finish by Brizo, expanding the brand’s design versatility with a timeless and sophisticated tone. For added functionality, the suite features a new height-adjustable shower arm, while three spout configurations—High Arc, Low Arc and Column—can pair with Lever, Cross or Black Crystal Knob handle options for a truly customizable design experience. 
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