Prem Line Srl  

Tamai Di Brugnera, 
  • Booth: SL3446

Prem Line is leader in the production of PET Surfaces, both in high gloss (> 96 gloss) and super matt (< 6 gloss) finishing, with exceptional features such as: 

- high scratch resistance

- solvent & water proof

- UV resistance

- PVC free / environmental friendly

We provide laminate panels or finished doors with matching edgebands.

Pure colours, wood grains and other custom- made decoratives available.




  • Dialux
    High gloss panel...

  • Dialux  is  the  high-gloss eco-friendly  surface with  the  strong aesthetic impact. Created for home environment such as kitchen and bathroom, thanks to its technical characteristics Dialux is very appreciated for commercial areas such as hotels, stores and caravan equipments.
  • Supermat+
    Super matt panel...

  • Extremely matt panel Surfaces created to respond to the latest trends in design furniture. It is highly resistant to scratches and has a velvet soft touch. 
  • Metal
    Panel with metallic effect...

  • Brass,  Copper  &  Silver seem  to  be  real  metals. The special  reflection made  by  two  layers  of PET  combined  with metallic  powder  make new visual effects.
  • Mor-fo
    Innovative wall for shower...

  • Mor-fo means “more form”. It is the first PET textured Surface with the Stone effect. Mor-fo is an innovative shower wall panel created to be used for new or renovated bathroom. Available in 8 pure colours or with marble finishes on request.

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